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Today, we’ve got a brand-new brand!

Why you ask? Well, it’s actually quite interesting. When we started Sarwa, we wanted to create a platform that could make investing accessible for the young achievers, the ambitious, the forward-thinking, and the builders.

We started Sarwa as just a robo-advisory firm. But it became very clear as we went on this journey that this is just the tip of the iceberg of what we can offer to our community.

For the longest time, our investing needs have been segregated into different platforms. One for passive investing, one for buying stocks, one for buying crypto, and a bank app for a cash account that can earn little interest…

So we thought: this is a perfect time to build an app that can have all the different ways of putting money to work, all in one place.

The more Sarwa grew, the more we realised that we needed that message to be loud and clear: across our logo, typography, colours, website, apps, emails…everywhere.

We morphed.

After months of hard work, brainstorming, designing, and reiterating, we’ve finally come up with a look and feel that represents who we are today and what we stand for.

This metamorphosis made us realise that it’s about being bold, forward-thinking, and, well, totally us. And we made sure that we’re speaking your language: having everything in one place, simply.

We built this new identity around the concept of orbits. Why?

An orbit is a path for celestial objects that are created and maintained by a gravitational centre. Think of the planets rotating around the sun or the moon rotating around the Earth.

The thinking process behind our new logo

As you embark on your financial journey, Sarwa will be at the centre, helping you reach your goals.

In a more Earthly language, Sarwa is your one-stop financial management tool that is there to create optimum monetary health for you.

With Sarwa Invest, you can put your money on auto-pilot with our globally diversified portfolios that are expertly built. You can choose a conventional portfolio, a socially responsible one, or a halal one.

With Sarwa Trade, you can buy and sell thousands of U.S. stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in minutes.

Sarwa Crypto gives you access to top cryptocurrencies, while Sarwa Save is a high-interest cash account that you can access anytime.

Whether it is Sarwa Invest, Sarwa Trade, Sarwa Save, or Sarwa Crypto, Each of Sarwa’s offerings has its own unique orbits that will all come together under one app.

We’ve got a fresh new logo to go with that and we’ve updated our colours and typography to really pop. It’s a new look that reflects our passion for innovation, and excellence, and we think it will turn some heads.

But it’s not just about the visuals – we’ve also worked hard to refine our messaging and brand voice. We want to make sure that everything we say and do is in line with our brand values: simple, innovative, accessible, and transparent.

We hope you are as excited about this as we are because our new brand is all about connecting with you in even more meaningful ways. In the end, Sarwa is not about a logo or a colour. It’s about what we set out to do, and how we can continue growing with you.

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