Pricing cover illustration
Pricing cover illustration
Pricing cover illustration

Pricing & Benefits

We want to give you the best value for your money. At the end of the day, it’s about simple and transparent pricing for the best bundle of perks.


Put your investing on auto-pilot with expert-built portfolios.

$7.00 / mo 1
0.5% to 0.85% annual fee 2
Smart rebalancing
Multiple portfolios
Dividend re-investing
Award winning methodology
Joint accounts
...and so much more
1 A minimum of $7 will be charged every calendar month. The minimum fee won’t be applied for the first 3 calendar months of using Sarwa Invest product.2 Management fee varies based on your account balance managed. The management fee is quoted annually however fees are accrued daily and billed monthly for managing your investment assets.


Move your savings to a high-yield cash account with no withdrawal fees required.

0.5% annual Fee
Up to 5.1% estimated return
$500 minimum
No lock-ups
Shariah Compliant Account
The estimated returns are before Sarwa management fees. They are based on existing federal fund rate and other economic factors and are subject to change. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.


Buy & sell thousands of US stocks & ETFs your way.

$1 per trade
0.25% of the order amount 1
4,000+ stocks & ETFs
Limit & stop orders
Fractional shares
News & financials
...and so much more
The minimum fee for trading is the greatest of $1 per trade or 0.25% of the traded amount.


Buy & sell top cryptocurrencies on a regulated platform.

0.75% spread 1
Buy in bulk or fraction
Limit & stop orders
Real time crypto prices
This fee is charged directly by our Crypto Service Provider.

What you don’t pay


Account opening fee

Custody fee

Withdrawal fee

Account closing fee

Inactivity fee

Spread on stocks and ETFs trading


Zero commission image
Zero commission image

On local transfers

Transfer with zero cost from a local UAE account.
So much more value and savings...


Get started with trading
Commission of $1 or 0.25% of traded value
Start with $1 only
Transfer with zero cost from a local UAE account
Buy in bulk or in fraction with fractional shares
Access the most popular & top movers stocks
Access 4,000+ US stocks and ETFs
Trade with Market and Limit Orders

How we compare

On top of the amazing features, and the low fees, you can sign-up and fund in minutes. Easy.
FeaturesSarwa logoOthers
Transparent pricing: $1 minimum or 0.25% of trade value.
No fee per share, no withdrawal fee, no inactivity fee, or custody fee.
In addition to fees on trade:
Trading fee per share
Withdrawal fee
Inactivity fee
Custody fee,
.... (fine prints)
Transfer fees$0 for local accounts
Approx. $25 - $50 per transfer on international transfers.
For $1000, that’s already 2.5% and more
FX ratesCompetitive FX ratesHigh FX rates to transfer to USD
App interfaceIntuitive, user-friendly, easy sign-up, easy fundingComplicated, frustrating
Compliance with regulatory measuresRegulated by the FSRA in the ADGMMany are not regulated in the UAE

Frequently Asked Questions

Get all your questions answered, so you can effortlessly invest with big rewards sooner.
How are you different from big banks and brokerage firms?
How is this different from Sarwa Invest?
Who regulates Sarwa Trade?
Which financial products can I trade on Sarwa Trade? Which exchanges?
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