Retirement calculator page cover
Retirement calculator page cover

Retirement Calculator

Our free retirement calculator will help you understand how much you'll need to save for a comfortable retirement. Get started by telling us about your current financial situation.
Retirement calculator illustration
Retirement calculator illustration

How much do you need to retire?

Our comprehensive retirement calculator can help determine what savings you may need to get on track. Start by adjusting the below scales to meet your current personal financial situation, and then the calculator will estimate your retirement savings status by providing a forecast for free.
How old are you?
Initial saving
Monthly contribution
Expected age of retirement
Desired monthly income

Retirement Plan

What you’ll haveWhat you’ll need
Our forecast

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Advisor Image
Advisor Image
Our assumptions
We’ve made some assumptions about your situation and market performance, but you can adjust them to see how they’ll affect your results.
Investment Return
Growth (7.4%)
Conservative 5.5%Growth 7.4%
What do you expect your investments to return between now and retirement?
Life Expectancy
A life expectancy of 95 years is a common financially-conservative estimate.
Desired Inheritance Value
How much would you like to leave to your family & kids?
How does our retirement calculator work?
How did you score? Here’s what to do about it
How to calculate what you need for retirement
How will inflation affect my retirement saving?
Learn more about retirement planning
Our retirement savings calculator does not constitute financial advice and should be used for illustrative purposes only. The calculator is useful in estimating the saving requirement in order to meet your retirement need and assess if you are on track. However, it is important to note that those are estimates driven by assumptions and has its limitations. For example, this calculation estimated gross rate and not net of taxes based on the country of retirement, tax brackets etc.